Chittagong University Admit Card and Seat Plan

A new date has been announced for downloading the Chittagong University Admit Card. New Admit Card can be downloaded from August 5. Applicants can download it by logging in with their user ID and password. CU Admission Admit Card 2021 can be downloaded through the admission cu ac bd website.

New schedules for admit card download and new admission test schedules have already been released.


CU Admit Card Download Schedule 2020-21

You have to download the Chittagong University Admit Card for Admission Test 2020-21 within the following period. Admit Card can be downloaded up to 1 hour before the scheduled date of admission test of the concerned unit.

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Unit Name Admit Card Download Deadline Time
B Unit: 5 August – 1 hour before the examination starts
D Unit: 7 August – 1 hour before the examination starts
A Unit: 9 August – 1 hour before the examination starts
C Unit: 11 August – 1 hour before the examination starts
B1 Unit: 12 August – 1 hour before the examination starts
D1 Unit: 12 August – 1 hour before the examination starts

How to download the Chittagong University Admit Card?

Chittagong University Admit Card 2021 can only be downloaded from the Admissions website. To download it, the applicants have to log in with their user ID and password.

  1. Visit the admission website
  2. Login with user ID and password in the login option.
  3. Download the admit card of the designated unit.

Admit card for each unit has to be printed twice. One has to submit it to the examination center and another examinee will keep it with him/her. Admit Card must be printed in color. Admission Test Related Instruction and Information will be mentioned on the Admit Card.

CU Admission Test Schedule

The admission test of Chittagong University will be held as per the following schedule.

Unit Name Admission Test Date Time
B Unit 27 and 28 October 2021
D Unit 30 and 31 October 2021
A Unit 1 and 2 November 2021
C Unit 29 October 2021
B1 Unit 05 November 2021
D1 Unit 05 November 2021

Undergraduate Admission Roadmap

Sl Event Date
01 Application starting date 12 April 2021
02 Application closing date 30 April 2021
03 Admit Card Download Date 5  August – 12 August 2021
04 Admission Test 27 October – 5 November 2021

Chittagong University Admission Circular

Chittagong University Admission Circular 2020-21 has been published. CU Admission Form 2020-2021 has to be filled online. Admission website is Admit Card must be downloaded from the same website. The Admission Test Date schedule has also been published. Admission Test Date will also be mentioned on Admit Card. The seating plan will be published before the admission test. A separate seat plan will be published for A, B, B1, C, D, and D1 Units. Chittagong University Admission Result will be published at the end of the unit-based admission test.

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Required Qualifications

To apply to Chittagong University, the candidate has to pass HSC or equivalent examination in 2020. Candidates have to pass SSC or equivalent examination in 2017 or 2018. Candidates must also have unit-based qualifications. Any applicants cannot apply without the qualification of the prescribed unit. GPA will be calculated with the 4th subject.

Unit Department/Institute Total GPA Individual GPA
A Unit Science/ Biology/ Engineering/ Marine Science and Fisheries 7.50 3.50
B Unit Faculty of Arts and Anthropology 7.00 3.25
B1 Unit Drama, fine arts, and music 7.00 3.25
C Unit Business Administration 7.50 3.50
D Unit Sociology / Law / Business Administration / Geography and Ecology and Psychology 7.00 3.25
D1 Faculty of Education (Physical Education and Sports Science) 6.00 2.50

CU Admission Form 2020-2021

The applicant has to apply through the website to participate in the admission test. Admission form filling and other detailed instructions are given on the website.

Application for admission in any unit / sub-unit has to be made through the admission Website of the University of Chittagong. Application fees can be paid through mobile banking. Follow the instructions below to fill out the admission form.

  • Visit the website and click on the “Apply Now” button.
  • Provide HSC / Equivalent and SSC / Equivalent examination roll number, year of the pass, and board name.
  • Provide the applicant’s personal mobile number on the next page. A confirmation code will be sent to this mobile number.
  • The next step is to provide the confirmation code and verify all your information.
  • Provide the necessary information
  • Upload a photo of the specified size.
  • Apply to the unit you want to apply to and pay the application fee.

Payment Instruction

The application fee of Chittagong University can be paid through Mobile Banking Rocket, bKash, or SureCash. The private key of the designated unit has to be used while paying the application fee. The rules for payment of the application fee are given below.

Instructions for paying the application fee through Rocket:

  1. Dial * 322 # from your Mobile Banking Rocket.
  2. Select Bill Pay.
  3. Select Self or Others (Provide a mobile number if others).
  4. Select the other option.
  5. Provide 2200 as biller ID.
  6. Enter your private key as the bill number.
  7. Write 550 as the application fee.
  8. Complete the payment by providing the PIN number.

Admission Test Marks Distribution

MCQ / written admission test will be held at Chittagong University. The distribution of unit-based admission test numbers is mentioned below.

Seat Plan

A detailed seat plan will be published before the admission test of each unit. Seating arrangements can be found through SMS in addition to the admission website.

Chittagong University Admission Result 2021

The Chittagong University admission result will be published after the admission test of each unit is held. Admission test results can be known through websites and SMS.

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